the golden ratio

The golden ratio is a design standard used by artists, designed by nature, and engrained into the human mind as an aesthetic standard for beauty.

I first learned about this in art school back in 1988 at the Cleveland Institute for art as a budding freshman. My perspective and interest in it has evolved since settling into my career. I see a lot of good design using it, and a LOT of bad design defying it. Usually out of ignorance or poor taste. Most artist that have this engrained deep into their psyche don’t even need to consciously think about it. It is largely based on some science we know as the eye’s resting points. It is no mistake that a logo or ID lies at the bottom right or left quarter of a page. Theres more to it, but thats just a fraction of how artist use it in conjunction with striking imagery. Next time you need a designer to confidently handle your project, know that if you pick the right one…they know more than how to just draw a pretty picture; )