Big Changes for 2018

Well, I’ve been quite busy and as all busy designers know, your own website is last in line to receive any love. Hence, my blog and site is slightly outdated and reflects not nearly as much recent work as it should. I can say, changes are abound! So, since we’re deviating from the standard-industry-informative-blog format, I’m going to take the opportunity to apprise you of recent developments.

A new site with a new look and logo are projected for a 2018 launch. We will unveil new services, packages, marketing strategies, and introduce new associates. Most exciting, we’ve even completed our new design/ art studio space in North Mesa!

I am also currently in throes of loaning my talents to 3 startups. One will be affecting and changing the face of Ps3 design. But, I am especially excited about one called Solipsar. It specializes in ground breaking applications of AR. Another one will change the way I approach marketing, and will certainly benefit all my clients. This very blog will be changing in nature in 2018 with an emphasis on specific design and heavier on marketing, rounding out our services and capabilities.

I will get into specifics later, so just a sneak peak for now. As always like our Facebook page and check back!