Design on a dime












Not only a true in life, but a sensible approach and mantra to design!

Less is more is also a sure bet that you won’t confound your audience.  Whistles and bells are great to show off a technology, but it won’t sell a loaf of bread.  There is a lot of rules, psychology, data, and science to building an effective business and website.  Almost as many experts as there is on the subject. Always trust your first gut reaction (there’s a science to the reason we use viscera for decision making:)  It’s my personal belief that life is complicated enough, to have to weed through a plethera of information for every buying decision.  And the brain has a way of processing a lot with a little (think of micro-expressions, body language) so don’t under estimate the power of visual design.  With that said, do your due diligence, get a good designer, and trust them to do their job.  You’ll know if something is wrong…you”ll get a gut feeling.