Big Changes for 2018

Well, I’ve been quite busy and as all busy designers know, your own website is last in line to receive any love. Hence, my blog and site is slightly outdated and reflects not nearly as much recent work as it should. I can say, changes are abound! So, since we’re deviating from the standard-industry-informative-blog format, I’m going to take the opportunity to apprise you of recent developments.

A new site with a new look and logo are projected for a 2018 launch. We will unveil new services, packages, marketing strategies, and introduce new associates. Most exciting, we’ve even completed our new design/ art studio space in North Mesa!

I am also currently in throes of loaning my talents to 3 startups. One will be affecting and changing the face of Ps3 design. But, I am especially excited about one called Solipsar. It specializes in ground breaking applications of AR. Another one will change the way I approach marketing, and will certainly benefit all my clients. This very blog will be changing in nature in 2018 with an emphasis on specific design and heavier on marketing, rounding out our services and capabilities.

I will get into specifics later, so just a sneak peak for now. As always like our Facebook page and check back!

HTTPS now required by WordPress

Google is writing the rules, and controlling the internet, like it or not. Google wants all sites to be SSL and requiring for many reasons, most importantly SEO. Now, WordPress recently announced that it will require all hosts to have HTTPS and restrict certain WordPress features to sites that have a valid SSL certificate.

If you already have HTTPS, this shouldn’t affect you. But if you’re still using HTTP, you’ll need to upgrade soon. The good news is that the transition is not as difficult as you think it is and the benefits outweigh the assumed disadvantages.

Therefore I am requiring all of my clients on WordPress to have a SSL certificate. The cost is a nominal $75 a year. I wish there were a way around it, but I cannot afford to not keep up with the “internets” and neither can you ; )

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the golden ratio

The golden ratio is a design standard used by artists, designed by nature, and engrained into the human mind as an aesthetic standard for beauty.

I first learned about this in art school back in 1988 at the Cleveland Institute for art as a budding freshman. My perspective and interest in it has evolved since settling into my career. I see a lot of good design using it, and a LOT of bad design defying it. Usually out of ignorance or poor taste. Most artist that have this engrained deep into their psyche don’t even need to consciously think about it. It is largely based on some science we know as the eye’s resting points. It is no mistake that a logo or ID lies at the bottom right or left quarter of a page. Theres more to it, but thats just a fraction of how artist use it in conjunction with striking imagery. Next time you need a designer to confidently handle your project, know that if you pick the right one…they know more than how to just draw a pretty picture; )

blog activity to stir again

Now that the Summertime slowdown in the oppressive heat of the American Southwest is in full swing, I thought it ample time to pick up the blog again . I still anticipate posting helpful advice and resolve to do less boasting about the clients and work, so please subscribe… and be one of the first to follow the next big sensation in design blogs ; )

I will also be refreshing the website and expanding services and expertise in the back end of development thanks to my new and amazing recruits.

Please enjoy this random and unrelated image of a Di Suvero photo I snapped in SF.

more later,

Ebay logo redesign


I am going to have to weigh in on this one. Though the re-design is alright, the change is not a good one in my opinion. Ebay has lost almost all connotation and branding with the new contemporary and boring font.  I mean, an overhaul is fine, but why did they go with such a common font?  At least they didn’t change the colors.  I understand the argument that came from the top was one of a new, successful, and global feel. In their minds they’ve out-grown the whimsical adolescent start-up look, and now they want to graduate. However, one can argue conversely that a broad and matured online demographic may no longer view them as a value-driven marketplace, but instead another big business cog in corporate America.  And really, was the old logo holding back any business? and if so what demographic represents that? I would have like to have been at that board meeting, because i think the change was tailored to investors for grooming purposes.  Grooming for big business.

The new logo is fine by design, but I were given the choice of the two, I would have picked the old one on artistic merit.  I would have just redesigned the header and website.  I will continue to use Ebay, so does that mean that I just negated my own argument; )

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